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Why You Should Try Electric Bikes

Electric Bike?

The electric bike is a means of ecological movement that offers great flexibility in use. You have probably noticed that more and more people are adopting it and you are also tempted to do the same. But you keep wondering why you should buy one.

Before answering the question why buy an electric bike, let’s start by briefly seeing what is this gear that allows to move without effort and without polluting.

Article summary

  1. What is an electric bike?
  2. Why are there advantages to buying an electric bike?
  3. How to choose your electric bike
  4. Conclusion

What is an electric bike?

This is a classic bike that has the advantage of being equipped with a motor and a battery. The engine produces enough energy for the cyclist to move forward with minimal effort. With this system, it is sufficient to accompany the pedaling movement. Let’s see more in detail why buying an electric bike.

When you start pedaling, the information is delivered to a magnetic sensor. It transmits it to a drive that is responsible for determining the power that must produce the engine. The time from which this energy must be delivered and its value depends on the type of assistance the bicycle is provided with.

E-bikes do not all work the same way. To the question of why, the answer is that there are several types of electrical assistance. The assistance by rotation of the pedals is the most common, but also the least expensive. It is triggered as soon as the cyclist pedal.

But there is also assistance by pressure sensor, that by force sensor, and that by tension of the chain. In addition, the levels of assistance available vary from one model to another. There can be up to four. In any case, we recommend that you consult the speed limits imposed on the pedelecs.

Why are there advantages to buying an electric bike?

It is quite normal to wonder why buying an electric bike when you already own a car, or that you can use public transport. The answer is that this machine has many advantages.

Why buy an electric bike: is it good for your health?

Like any bike, the electric one allows you to exercise. Why ? Because it is possible to define the level of assistance in order to have to provide more or less effort according to your desires. The benefits for the organization are considerable.

During each pedaling session, several parts of the body are solicited, mainly the lungs, the heart, and the muscles connected to the legs and feet. This explains why buying an electric bike and using it regularly decreases the probability of suffering from cancer by 25%.

In addition, studies have shown that by purchasing an EAV, less exhaust fumes are inhaled than automobile passengers. It makes perfect sense, since the cyclist does not experience traffic jams. He spends a short time in the most polluted areas.

Why buy an electric bike: can it save money?

The electric bike is cheaper than a car, although it is more expensive than the classic model. Moreover, you could benefit from a purchase subsidy if your city has decided to encourage the use of this means of transport.

Also, buying it frees you from gas costs, monthly payments to insurance, paid parking … The maintenance of this machine is much cheaper than that of a car.

Why still hesitate to buy it? A journey of 1000 km by car generates gas costs estimated at 85 euros. By cons, to make the same distance by bike it takes 1 euro of electricity. The difference is remarkable.

Another benefit to buying an electric bike is the safety it offers compared to the bike. The risk of having a traffic accident with this machine is less than that of a scooter. The car mortality rate is four times higher than cycling.

It should be noted that regulations concerning the operation of this machine limit its speed. The majority of the manufacturers take care to respect the law and make sure of the automatic stop of the assistance delivered by the engine as soon as the speed reaches the 25 km / h.


With these many benefits that we have just seen, it is obvious that the question why buying an electric bike is no longer necessary. We will now talk about the information