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Trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Bellevue WA

TLDR: Visit this post about brazilian jiu jitsu in Bellevue

Recently i was travelling through Washington using my bike, my biking track required me to pass through Seattle and Bellevue. Since i am a big fan of brazilian jiu jitsu i was looking for a great academy to roll for a few days.

After looking through Google and Yelp i realized that most of the contents there are really biased, meaning the contents are created by owner of academies or someone that works there. Not really something that can hold its own.

Thankfully i found this guide about the best brazilian jiu jitsu in Bellevue

It helped me choose the best academy while i was in Bellevue. I highly recommend you read it too if you are looking for a martial arts academy in Bellevue in the near future.

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