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Finding BJJ Gym in Miami

If you are passing through Miami then you will meet one of the best beaches you’ll ever see in your life. Same can be said if you are looking for a great brazilian jiu jitsu gym in Miami. You’ll find some of the best BJJ gyms in Miami. Here are some of the biggest names in the world of jiu jitsu that happens to be training in Miami.

Atos Miami

Home of the 4x ADCC Superfight Champion in Andre Galvao. Atos Miami is without a doubt one of the best gyms when it comes to brazilian jiu jitsu. If you have the time (and money) to attend the class then you will get one of the best BJJ experience in your life. Pro BJJ fighter and world champions like Kaynan Duarte and Josh Hinger trains and teaches regularly here. If you’re looking for the most “current” training experience then you will not be disappointed by Atos.

Fight Sports Miami

Home to another BJJ legend in Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu. This gym is always the go-to place alongside Atos Miami. Some of the biggest names in jiu jitsu are also training here. Names such as Vagner Rocha and Mahamed Aly came to mind. Cyborg is and always will be a big part in the world of brazilian jiu jitsu and the same thing applies for Fight Sports Miami.

Rilion Gracie

Member of the famous Gracie Family, Rilion Gracie owns and operates the gym and it is one of the top 3 BJJ gyms in the area. If you are looking for the authentic Gracie jiu jitsu experience then Rilion Gracie is your only choice in Miami.

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