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Can’t Cycle to Work? Try Indoor Cycling First

Not cycling indoors (Duh!)

Indoor cycling is a group class that is carried out on a specially designed stationary bike indoors. Isolation exercises can be added along the way, start first with what I told you earlier. These exercises require the use of multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Weight loss is one of the biggest benefits of regular exercise. Here are some reasons why cycling is an ideal exercise: It is a fun and cheap exercise which improve health and also good for the environment. And indoor cycling is a step towards the right direction if you are looking to bike outdoors eventually.

Looking to buy an indoor bike? Obviously, your budget will determine which stationary bikes are worth having a closer look at. Often the difference between the bikes is small, despite that the price difference is large. Obviously, don’t use such bikes in traffic. Let the instructor know that you’re new to the class and they’ll help you get your bike set up. They will then show you how to stop safely and adjust your resistance level.

If you choose to go to a gym that has stationary bikes, almost all exercise bikes include the very few basic workouts you really need. It pays off reading reviews from buyers of the stationary bikes you are interested in. For most people, the number of workouts you get with the bike is not especially important. Although exercise bikes are fairly simply devices, some of them can get noisy after a couple of months.

When using the bike try to push yourself to your limits and slowly crank the resistance up. Cycling at a consistent rate and resistance will help your muscles “remember” the workout, reducing the value of the exercise later on. Don’t forget to adjust the bike seat before climbing onto it. The exercise bike might have been configured for a taller or shorter person, putting you at a great disadvantage.

If you choose to include indoor cycling as a regular part of your exercise regime, you can expect to get improvements in your cardiovascular system. The key is to isolate and work strategically every single muscle groups through various exercises, from different angles and techniques. You might get hurt, if you don’t perform these exercises properly.

Cycling is a very good calorie burning exercise whether outdoor or indoor. Looking forward to see you in a bike permanently and ditch the car 100%!